The first operation of the Jumbo Bus was on July 14th of 2015. It is a nickname given to the Busan City Tour Taejongdae Course. The bus is equipped with Korea’s first European style Euro6 engine, and the bus itself was manufactured by the Swedish automotive company, Volvo. The vehicle is optimized for passenger safety and Busan tourism.

Follow the instructions below to take a ride on the Jumbo Bus.
One. Wait for the Jumbo bus at Busan station (Initial departure location) or a designated Jumbo Bus stop.
Two. Pay the fare (Busan station: Ticket office, designated stops: Driver)
Three. Board the bus and enjoy the ride.

There are 12 designated bus stops for the Jumbo Bus, including Busan Station. Passengers on the Jumbo Bus are free to get off the bus at desired stops to enjoy tourist attractions, and board the following bus again to go to the next desired location. The Jumbo Bus runs on 30 minute intervals.
※ Please keep in mind that the number of available stops may be reduced if the initial departure time is delayed.

If you are planning to remain on the bus for the entire duration of the ride, it takes roughly 2 hours and 10 minutes to complete the tour. However, the tour duration may take longer depending on weekend/holiday traffic conditions.
The Jumbo Bus fare is 15,000KRW for adults, and 8,000KRW for children (5~19).

There are three ways to transfer from the Jumbo Bus tour to the Haeundae Course City Tour.
1. Complete the Jumbo Bus tour and transfer at the Busan Station bus platform.
2. Get off the Jumbo Bus at bus stop No.8 (Yonghoman Ferry Terminal) to transfer.
3. Get off the Jumbo Bus at bus stop No.9 (Pyeonghwa Gongwon) to transfer.
※ Please note that transfer method No.3 is Busan station bound, not Haeundae bound. Also, you will be required to pay an additional 5,000KRW at the time of transfer.

The first Jumbo Bus departs at 9:00 am, and additional buses depart from Busan station every 30 minutes. The 30 minute interval applies for all of the designated bus stops.
※ However, bus arrival times may be delayed depending on weekend/holiday traffic conditions.

Busan City Tour Jumbo Bus is in regular operation everyday excluding Mondays.
※ However, if the Monday is a holiday, bus service will resume regular operation. Please be advised that service schedule is subject to change without notice on major national holidays (Chuseok, New Years Day, etc.).

If you have any further questions regarding the Jumbo Bus, please contact the Taeyoung Busan City Tour Jumbo Bus office (051-714-3799) for assistance.