Cooperative discount

Cooperative Discount with Busan city Tour Jumbo Bus (Jumbo Bus ticket should be presented when entering associates)

20% discount

Gonpo Pleasure Boat

  • Fee: 10,000 KRW 8,000 KRW
  • TEL: +82 (0)51-405-2900

Danubi Train (Taejongdae Recreation Area)

  • Fee:
    Adult 2,000 KRW 1,600 KRW
    Teenager 1,500 KRW 1,200 KRW
    Child 1,000 KRW 800 KRW

  • TEL: +82 (0)51-405-2004

Busan Tower (Yongdusan Park)

  • Fee: 5,000 KRW 4,000 KRW
  • TEL: +82 (0)51-257-9771

30% discount

Tezroc Cruise/ Nurimaru-ho

  • Fee: 22,000 KRW 15,000 KRW
  • TEL: +82 (0)51-463-7680

TBS Rentalcar

  • Fee: 22,000 KRW 15,000 KRW
  • TEL: +82 (0) 1566-1486
  • Available for Jumbo Bus Boarding Ticket Holders (effective until the following day)

Special Discount Charge

Crown Harbor Hotel

  • Available for Jumbo Bus Boarding Ticket Holders (Present the ticket when check-in)
  • TEL: +82 (0)51-678-1000
  • Available when booking by calling on the main phone number of the hotel or visiting.
  • Not applied during summer peak season (24th July ~ 15th August), Busan International Film Festival (1st October ~ 10th October), International Marine, Shipbuilding and Offshore Exhibition (20th October ~ 23rd October) and 31st December.

Jumbo bus boarding discount

Enjoy various discounts with your Jumbo Bus ticket. (Double discount is not applied)

20% discount

AIRBUSAN Boarding Pass

  • within 7 days from issuing the pass

International Cruise Boarding Pass

  • Present the cruise boarding pass

Rail-ro Boarding Pass

  • A 25-year-old or younger customer with Rail-ro gift coupon

KTX Train Boarding Pass

  • Only applicable to the same day boarding pass

Taeyeong Airport Limousine Ticket Holder

  • Only applied on the ticketing date (identified with the stamp) and the following day

*Above contents of the service may change according to unavoidable circumstances, such as change in cooperation conditions or bankrupcy of associates, natural disasters or other situations with similar effects.