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Have you ever tried pigtails?

Sasangkkori Restaurant that stirs up 80s nostalgia

As the competition grows more intense in the food service industry, more and more restaurants are making an effort to create a more special and modern interior. Recently however, the trends have turned once again. More and more people are flocking to barbeque restaurants that use briquette fire, which was commonly called a ‘canned restaurant’ in the 80s. The older generations come for nostalgic sentiments, while the younger generations pay a visit out of curiosity. The Sasangkkori Restaurant has the most well preserved 80s atmosphere, and it even offers something special.

As the weather gets colder, many people reminisce the warmth of a good old-fashioned briquette fire, and Sasangkkori restaurant is getting prepared for its busiest season. The restaurant is located in Sasang-gu, and their main menu is pig-tails (kkori), hence the name ‘Sasangkkori.’ This small and humble restaurant gets so busy that it is forced to set up tables out on the streets even at 5 pm.

The aging process is a trade secret. We’ve even considered the texture of the meat.

It’s been 6 years since the restaurant opened.

“The meat on the head or the tail was called the ‘back meat’ since times of old, and it is known as a special delicacy. Pigs wag their tails all the time, which is the reason for its superb texture. We used to serve it in one piece, but many women found its appearance disturbing, and it’s hard to pick at the bones. So we began to pick out the meat before serving so that the customers could enjoy it for what it is. What’s special about pigtails? It’s good for women’s skin care, but it primarily tastes good. (Laughter)”

“We get our shipments of the highest grade pigtails and meat directly from farms. And we age the meat with a special marinade for about a day. We serve the meat with a special hot sauce, but I can’t tell you the details. It’s a secret. (laughter)”

Sasangkkori Restaurant has a special unwritten law. Every table is required to order at least one bottle of liquor. It is because they have a low margin of profit in meat sales due to small profits and quick returns. They don’t serve rice. Instead, they serve a generous amount of meat. Rather than serving rice, they provide ‘Dwenjang Ramen.’ They developed it as an after-meal submenu, and it is at times more popular than the meat menu. Pigtail meat grilling on the briquette fire accompanied by a glass of soju; it is the perfect atmosphere for genuine and intimate conversations. A piece of meat calls for a shot, and the shot is followed by another piece of meat. The night at Sasangkkori Restaurant grows deeper with the burning briquette fire.