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BIFF Square in Nampo-dong

In Busan, there is a “movie street” that is famous nationwide. Nampo-dong Theater District with the Busan Theater and Daeyoung Cinema is the place. The Busan International Film Festival, which started in 1996, played a pivotal role here until the Hall of Films was created in Haeundae in 2011. This place was called PIFF Square, following the name of the Busan International Film Festival, but when the English spelling of Busan changed, it was renamed BIFF.
In fact, the history of Nampo-dong Theater District goes back much further in time than the Busan International Film Festival. It dates back over 80 years. In 1930, Sohwagwan was opened, in 1934, Busan Theater, in 1957 Jeil Theater, in 1961 Dongmyeong Theater, and in 1969 Buyoung and Gukdo Theaters. They have all contributed to turning this place into the “Street of Films.” Although countless theaters have opened and closed over the years, BIFF Square is the first place that comes to mind when people think of movies. A walk down this street will remind you of many international movie actors and actresses as well as directors with their hand prints on the ground.
BIFF Square, which is filled with restaurants, shopping centers and various food stalls, has become a culturally important street for young people. Located in between Jagalchi Market and International Market, the transient population that comes in and out will make you feel the unique atmosphere of Busan.

BIFF Square Food Street, International Market

A visit to BIFF Square is the ultimate gastronomic experience with food like Seed Hotteok. The Hotteok or pancake toasted lightly in brown is cut open to add copious amounts of various seeds in it. It’s a delight that is loved by everyone regardless of age. Street food such as Tteokbboki and dumplings will captivate your taste buds. Because of the huge influx of people, you would have to queue to taste the food but it would be worth waiting!
It’s not an overstatement to refer to the International Market nearby as a Paradise of Snacks. The market is comprised of various streets with different concepts such as the Food Street which is famous for its Bibimdangmyeon and Danpatjuk, Street of Youth, Street of All Things, Kkangtong Market, Arirang Street and Outdated Alley. This massive market is also called ‘Dottaegi Market’ because it resembles a bustling flea market on sales which offers various types of things like second-hand goods and junks in wholesale and retail and even under-the-table dealings. The name was given because the bundles of goods that belonged to the Japanese people when they left Korea after liberation were sold by bidding. Even way back then, those who were lucky would be able to get their hands on goods at amazing prices.
This isn’t a story of the past. If you look close enough, you would be lucky enough to unearth great things at affordable prices. If you are in Nampo-dong, don’t miss exploring the ‘Dottaegi Market’.