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Busan Station Square

Busan Station began operating in 1908, 3 years after the Gyeongbu Line between Seoul and Choryang was first opened. Initially, it was a temporary station, but was completed in 1910. At the time, Busan Station was a 2-storey brick building with Renaissance architecture. In 1953, the station burnt down in the Great Fire of Busan Station and a new station was constructed in Choryang-dong. The present day Busan Station has been expanded in line with the opening of the Gyeongbu High Speed Railway in 2004. This place has a history of over 100 years.
Opposite Busan Station Square is China Town. As Korea’s one and only China Town District, it was home to the consulate of the Qing Dynasty in 1884, and the biggest Chinese population in Busan can be found here.