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Songdo Beach

Songdo beach is South Korea’s No. 1 beach. In 1913 during the Japanese Occupation, the Japanese settlers established Songdo Resort Co. Ltd and developed Songdo Beach, making it Korea’s first beach.
On Turtle Island (Geobukseom) located on the right of the beach, pine trees grow naturally, thus giving it its name ‘Songdo’. As the name suggests, the pine tree forests around the beach create a magnificent view. Songdo Beach, which was loved by many people because of its white sandy beaches and exquisitely clear water, seemed to be forgotten for a while but efforts have been made by Busan City and Seogu District Office to regain its reputation. In 2013, a Commemoration Sculpture was erected to commemorate its 100th anniversary.
In Songdo Beach, the ‘Hyeon In Music Contest’ is held every summer. The Hyeon In Music Contest, which is hosted to pay tribute to Busan-born singer, Hyeon In, famous for her song , acts to discover new singers and is being hosted for the 10th year.
Besides that, Songdo Beach offers many things to do, such as riding cruise ships or motor boats. There are also many things to eat ranging from raw fish to fish stew, satisfying the 5 senses of visitors.

Turtle Island, Songnim Park, Musical Foundation

The name of Songdo Beach originated from this Turtle Island. In fact, this place was called ‘Songdo’ because of the natural pine trees growing wildly here. As it shifted to land, the thriving pine tree island became a bare rock island which resembled a turtle, thus its name ‘Turtle Island’. There is a sad legend that is being passed down on this island. It’s a tragic love story between a filial fisherman who looked after his lone mother and a daughter of a Dragon King. The Dragon King who pitied them turned the fisherman into a turtle rock and gave eternal life to wait for the eternal love of the two. It is said that it makes love come true for lovers who visit Turtle Island and gives longevity and prosperity to its visitors.
From Songnim Park which is located opposite Turtle Island, the Turtle Island and Songdo Beach can be seen at a glance. The Park is made up of an observatory, musical foundation, proposal square, fitness square and others with Songnimjeong at the center, attracting not only the citizens of Busan but also many visitors who visit the beach seeking for rest. In particular, the musical foundation positioned at the entrance is much adored by the people because of music that covers various genres and the lively and elaborate fountain. Why don’t you take a moment to soak up in this very rewarding experience from the park overlooking Songdo Beach.

Songdo Coastal Walkway, Cloud Bridge (Gureumdari)

The official name of Songdo Coastal Walkway is ‘Songdo Coast Bolle-gil Walkway. It has a growing reputation for the best walkway in Seogu, Busan and it takes approximately 30 minutes to track along the 1.3KM trail until Amnam Park.
Bolle-gil Walkway resting beneath a 100M cliff presents you with an impressive view of the endless ocean on the left and with mysterious joys as you observe the stratum on the right. The stratum seen in this place dates back 100 million years and the stratum structure of cross stratification, stratification bedding, dyke and sedimentary rock can be witness.
In addition, in the middle of the walkway, Cloud Bridge and Observatory can be found here and there sitting above the deep blue ocean. The center of the Cloud Bridge is made of transparent glass, revealing the waves dancing beneath your feet. Nearby, there are fishing village societies so if you are lucky, you would be able to hear breathes of Haenyeo or female divers together with the sound of flapping waves.

Waterside Park, Hyeon In Square, Songdo Waterfall

Songdo Beach has numerous honorable nicknames including ‘South Korea’s first beach’, ‘Beach with memories of the 1960s~80s’, ‘Clear water, golden sand’, ‘Naples of the East’ and others, suggesting its long history but in the 1980s, the sands were lost due to acceleration of development around the beach and the cable car which was a landmark was damaged by Typhoon Thelma. The beach gradually lost its feature because of the repeated damages caused by the typhoons and tidal waves. Efforts have been put into regaining the glory of the past since 2000. Hyeonin Square and Songdo Waterfall are few of the products of the efforts.
Hyeonin Square has been created to pay tribute to singer Hyeon In who is well known to us by her song . Hyeon In used to visit Songdo Beach from time to time to take rests and to think about songs. As a result, ‘Hyeon In Music Concert’ is held here every August.
Moreover, Songdo Waterfall is a 2-level vertical artificial fall created close to Waterside Park and the road around it. The white stream of water falling from an artificial rock face that is 20M high and 30M wide makes you gasp at its beauty. At night, the brilliant lights double the pleasure.
Treat yourself with the diverse spectacles in Songdo Beach.