Project Description


Youngdodaegyo Bridge is South Korea’s first and only bascule bridge. Youngdo Bridge, which opened in 1934, played a pivotal role in the inland transportation connecting Yongdo Island and the present Gwangbok-dong in Jung-gu. However, with the increase of traffic flow and the need for waterworks piping, the lifting function of the bridge, its identifying trait, was suspended in 1966. Owing to citizen demand for the recovery of the lifting functions, the bridge was restored in 2013, 47 years after the suspension. The construction was completed in a period of 3 years and 4 months. Youngdodaegyo Bridge, which was restored for the first time in approximately 50 years, has gained national acclaim because it is a draw bridge where 31m of the upper plate (out of 214m of bridge length) can be lifted. Previously, every time a vessel passed through, the bridge lifted. Now, however, the bridge is raised for 15 minutes every day at noon. It embraces the meaning of opening the bridge when people are at their busiest.

Key characters in the vicinity of Youngdodaegyo Bridge

Youngdo Bridge carries significant meaning as it is more than a bridge that connects Youngdo and the city center. As a historical symbol which has gone through the modern history of Busan, it is highly accredited for its value as a space of communication between the past and the present.
The refugees of the Korean War waited for their parents and siblings on this bridge who were separated during the war. Their exhaustion and sadness of living away from home were consoled on this bridge.
“What does this body mean without kinsfolk / This body of mine is a peddler of the international market.
I miss you Geumsoon, I long for the dream of hometown / Only the crescent moon stands lonely on the rails of Youngdodaegyo Bridge.”
This is a song by singer Hyeon In which portrays the ardent feelings of ‘Peddler of the international market’ seeking for the lover ‘Geumsoon’ on the rails of Youngdodaegyo Bridge

Dried Fisheries Market in the vicinity of Youngdodaegyo Bridge

The background of the movie is Busan in the 1970s~1990s and in the movie, 4 friends dressed in uniform runs happily. This scene has been the talk of the town as one of the greatest scenes in the movie. The scene with Robert Palmer’s song ‘Bad case of loving you’ as the background music has been filmed right here, in the dried fisheries market.
The dried fisheries market is located at the Eastern end of Jagalchi Market in the vicinity of Youngdodaegyo Bridge. Over 200 stores sell dried anchovies, cuttlefish, prawns and various jerkies. The intermediary wholesalers nationwide as well as general consumers can purchase the best dried fisheries in Busan at affordable price here.
As you walk through the alleys in the dried fisheries market, you will feel as if you are returning back to the past in a time machine. The merchants who have rooted here over the years are tough but affectionate. The traces of the lives of the people of Busan can be felt in this place where time has accumulated over the years.