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Oryukdo Island

In Busan, there are 2 “National Scenic Spots”. Taejongdae Park, where you have just visited, and Oryukdo, where you will visit shortly, have been designated as “National Scenic Spot” Number 17 and 24 respectively.
Oryukdo Island refers to 5 islands and includes Usakdo, Suri, Songgot, Gul and Lighthouse Islands, listed from the closest to the land. Among them, Usak Island is separated into Bangpae Island and Sol Island during rising tide. It is called ‘Oryeukdo Island’ because either 5 or 6 islands can be seen, depending on the ebb and flow of the tides.
It is assumed that the island was a small peninsula which was connected to land 120,000 years ago but became separated due to erosion caused by strong waves over a long period of time. A rugged precipice of rocks with fantastic shapes that fall almost vertically on every island harmonizes beautifully with the blue waters of Busan, portraying a magnificent natural view.
In Dongraebuji Sancheoncho, compiled in 1740, there is a record that states, “With peculiar mountains and mountaintops standing in line in the middle of the ocean, there are 5 mountaintops when seen from the East and 6 mountaintops when seen from the West, and thus it is named.” Why don’t you personally take in the mysterious scene of Oryukdo Island in Busan, which looks different depending on where it is seen.


This is a bridge that connects Gamman-dong of Nam-gu and Cheonghak-dong of Youngdong-gu and was opened in May 2014. During the day, a lot of people fish beneath the bridge and at night, the bridge is lit up with fabulous colors, attracting a lot of people to come and enjoy the night view of Busanhangdaegyo.

Oryukdo Sky Walk

Oryukdo Sky Walk is a glass bridge that is 15M long installed on the coastal cliff 35M above land. It has been built so that visitors would be able to walk 9M towards the sea from the cliff then return back. Its name ‘Sky Walk’ means ‘walking in the sky’.
‘Seungdumal’, a coastal hill where Sky Walk has been built is the places where Oryukdo Island can be seen at the closest distance. Visitors would not only be able to enjoy the spectacular view of Oryukdo Island which seems as if it can be grasped right in front of your eyes but also if the weather is clear, Damado Island can be seen so it is an optimal place to view the ocean. Moreover, Busan sea when seen from Sky Walk offers distinct colors all the time. The waves splashing against the cliffs seen from beneath the feet, present visitors with a thrilling experience.
Oryukdo Sky Walk is the starting place of Haeparang Trail which means ‘Walking together with the Sun rising from the East Sea and the deep blue ocean’. From here, a 770km road that runs along the coast of the East Sea begins and it ends in Unification Observatory in Goseong, Gangwon-do. In particular, Course 1 which starts from Oryukdo Sky Walk and ends in Mipo, Haeundae is one of the most beautiful courses among them.


If Haeundae is located on the right side with Gwangalli Beach in the center, there is Igidae on the left. Igidae has a tale of 2 gisaengs who lived during the Japanese Invasion. It’s about a story of 2 gisaengs who were called to a feast held by a Japanese general who had captured Suyeongseong Fortress. They made the Japanese general drunk and then jumped into the sea with him. The name ‘Igidae’ has also originated from this tale. In Igidae, the bed rocks and the sea are met so it is not only considered to be a famous fishing ground but thanks to the trail, it is also being loved as a shelter for citizens. Moreover, the sunrise, sunset and the moonrise are so picturesque that it is a favorite spot for photographers. It has also been introduced in movies thanks to its amazing view. In particular, Igidae is the place where Gwangandaegyo Bridge can be seen at the closest distance so the number of visitors here has increased recently.
Igidae which was a controlled area as a military operations ground until it was open to public in 1993 has been acknowledged for its natural preservation state as it is home to rare species of plants and insects. In 1999, a dinosaur footprint was uncovered on the sea rock, gaining attention. .

이기대는 암반이 바다와 접해 있어 부산에서는 유명한 낚시터로 손꼽힐 뿐 아니라 산책로가 조성되어 있어 시민들의 쉼터로도 각광받고 있습니다. 또한, 일출과 일몰, 월출 모두 장관이어서 사진작가들의 출사지로도 유명한데요. 풍광이 뛰어나 각종 영화나 드라마의 배경으로 수차례 등장하기도 했습니다. 특히, 이기대는 광안대교를 가장 가까이에서 볼 수 있는 곳이기도 한데요. 이런 이유로 최근에는 많은 여행객도 이곳을 찾고 있습니다.

1993년 시민들에게 개방되기 전까지 군사작전 지역으로 통제되었던 이기대는 그래서 희귀한 식물과 곤충이 서식하는 등 자연 보존 상태도 좋은 평가를 받습니다. 1999년에는 바닷가 바위에서 공룡 발자국이 발견되어 이슈가 되기도 했습니다.

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