Project Description

Peace Park

The Peace Park and Daeyeon Arboretum are located extremely close to each other with only a low fence in between.
Peace Park was created to commemorate the hosting of the APEC Summit in 2005. Along with Peace Square and Revival Square, it acts as a rest area for citizens residing nearby thanks to the grass field, sculptures and ground fountain. In summer, it is filled with children enjoying themselves in the water from the ground fountain. Daeyeon Arboretum, which naturally bridges the Peace Park, offers diversity with over 600 species of trees and is divided by plant ecology including the Herb Garden, Coniferous Tree Garden, Oryukdo Garden, Tree Screen Garden, Forest Tree Garden of Fallen Leaves, Evergreen Decideous Garden, Bamboo Garden, Hibiscus Garden, Fruit Tree Garden, etc. In particular, Oryukdo Garden attracts many visitors with its landscaping which has been designed after the characteristics of Namgu, Busan, by planting native plants in the shape of the 5 islands that make up Oryukdo Island. The Herb Garden has over 30,000 species, and the Rose Garden paints the area red during spring. They cannot be missed. In addition, the trail which has been created around the ecological pond is loved by citizens residing nearby.

United Nations Memorial Cemetery

The United Nations Memorial Cemetery is the world’s only cemetery of the United Nations Force. This place is dedicated to the 2,300 soldiers from 11 countries in the UN Alliance who lost their lives in the Korean War which broke out in June 25th 1950.
The park is comprised of a Memorial Hall to pay tribute to the spirits of those volunteered and sacrificed themselves, UN Forces Memorial Tower, Memorial Hall, the path of anonymous soldiers and others. As you slowly take a walk in the park, you would come to appreciate the bravery of the soldiers who sacrificed themselves at a young age for world peace and liberty. In 2014, a large sized sculpture was installed to pay respect for their dedication. This structure that is 15.5M tall is a person with the hands held facing each other, lowering the head towards to the UN Memorial Cemetery where those killed in action are laid to rest. On the circular pillar, an image of a pigeon flying freely over the UN emblem has been engraved to symbolize peace and freedom. It would be meaningful to take a step away from the busy routines of life to meditate over the cause of this UN Memorial Cemetery representing freedom and peace to pay respect to the brave soldiers.

United Nations Peace Memorial Hall

Near United Nations Memorial Cemetery, ‘United Nations Peace Memorial Hall’ which is the world’s first memorial hall related to UN can be found. The UN Peace Memorial Hall is a themed complex which provides participating type of education, exhibition and events. Visitors would be able to learn about the significance of the participation of the UN Forces and to enjoy the activities related to humanitarianism of the United Nations dynamically.
In this Peace Memorial Hall which has been created under the concept of ‘Planting the seed of peace for the future now’, it is equipped with 3 permanent exhibition halls and planned exhibition hall, a 4D theater, convention hall and others. The permanent exhibition hall is divided into ‘UN Korean War Hall’ where the devastation of the Korean War can be studied at a glance, ‘UN Participation Commemoration Hall’ which introduces the activities of the combatant nations and ‘UN International Peace Hall’ which contains the efforts of South Korea towards UN’s relief activities and world peace. Each hall has various experience elements such as diorama and video footages as well as Trick Art Photo Zone so visitors would be able to satisfy the 5 senses through lively interactions.
Furthermore, on the Memorial Cemetery, a bird’s eye view on Busan including Gwangandaegyo Bridge can be seen. In addition, UN Memorial Cemetery as well as the Special District of UN Peace and Culture located in Namgu, Busan are positioned in the center, adding significance to the Memorial Cemetery.