Project Description

75 Square

75 Square, situated on the Southern coast of Jeoryeong-ro, is one of the “Youngdo 8 Wonders of Busan” and received its name when it was built in 1975. It is the representative resting venue for Youngdo citizens and for travellers, and is a place where you can experience something special by sharing in the lives of the local people. Once you step into the Octagonal Pavilion located in the center of the square, you will be greeted with a view of the blue Southern Sea. The infinite sea, ships floating here and there, together with the curves of the eaves and the lines of the pillars in the Octagonal Pavilion come together into a picture frame, offering a charming spectacle. The waves dancing under the moonlight is a scene that you can’t miss.

Jeollyeong Coastal Walkway and Observatory

Jeoryeong Trail which has been designated as the Nation’s Top 5 Coastal Trails is attractive as visitors are able to see the ocean sceneries which change with every step.
If you wish to walk close to the sea which makes you feel as if you can grasp it within your hands, try walking along Jeollyeong Coastal Walkway. If you wish to walk by embracing the extensive sea in your arms, try walking along Jeoryeonghaeranggil and if you do not wish to miss out on both of them, you can cross over Jeollyeong Coastal Walkway and Jeoryeonghaeranggil as there are paths that connect both of them. Although it’s quite a long trail (approximately 3KM) which takes about 2 hours, the tracking will seem short as you cross the suspension bridge surrounded by rugged precipice with rocks of fantastic shapes. Moreover, observatories which can be found here and there offer various themes such as Treasure Hunt Observatory, Daemado Observatory, Sky Observatory and others.

Youngdo Tourist Shooting Range, the site of Acacia Restaurant

In the vicinity of Sky Observatory, you will be able to find Youngdo Tourist Shooting Range. Youngdo Tourist Shooting Range is Busan’s first shooting range that uses live ammunition so you would be able to personally experience shooting with live ammunition, just like in the movies. It accommodates 15M and 25M indoor shooting range that satisfies the international standard and you will be thrilled as you enjoy rapid firing on 4 moving targets. In the lobby, you would be able to find photos of tourists who have visited this place and the excitement can be clearly read from their faces.
Opposite Youngdo Tourist Shooting Range, there is a cozy park where citizens frequently visit. In fact, this is a site of Acacia Restaurant. The restaurant is famous for its fabulous view so it used to be the favorite spot for lovers but currently, only the ground is left. To this day, it prides in its breathtaking view so you would not be surprised to find travellers pausing to appreciate the distant sea along Jeoryeong Trail. In addition, sports facilities around the trail are loved by the residents.