Project Description

Namhang Bridge

Namhang bridge is the bridge which connects from the Busan south harbor to the Yeongdo, and through Namhang bridge, you can reach from Yeongdogu, Busan to Guamnamdong in 10 minutes.
The vehicle operation time has been reduced by 30 minutes compared to before and the distance also has been reduced by 8KM.
Like this, Namhang bridge has narrowed Yeongdo and East Busan region and has the advantage of getting to the Songdo beach right away.
In the right side of this place, you can see the Busan south harbor which is full of harbor smell and the seagull shaped Jagalchi Market and in the left side, you can appreciate the sea landscape which is spread endlessly toward the south Pacific ocean.
In the night, the various colored lights light up the bridge and decorates the beautiful night scene.
Especially, the blue tone which gives cooling feeling is used in the summer and orange tone which gives warm feeling in the winter to embroider the night sea.
Namhang bridge has a place full of beautiful landscapes both for days and nights.

Landscape of Haemu, Namhang bridge and Yeongdo seen from Namhang bridge.

This bridge does the role of linking between the regions and is getting lime lights also recently as the place for photographer’s visits.
It is because the boastful figure which is in harmony with the sea in the day and the splendid figure wearing colorful illumination in the night generates naturally the feeling of wanting to contain it in the photo.
Namhang bridge has beautiful night and day landscape but the shape of rising sea fog is the grand sight.
The shape of the fisher boats which leave the port, crossing the dark sea fog is felt dimly as if it is one scene in the movie.
When you turn your head and see Yeongdo from Namhang bridge, a piece of picture in the postcard is spread this time.
Your eyes are full of the houses lined up along the hill which seems to have carved the island surrounded by blue sea.
Looking at the shape of the big and small houses standing up densely, the compliment ‘Busan’s Santorini’ comes out naturally.